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Staten Island Massage Therapy Helps Heal

Staten Island massage therapy has many benefits including pain relief

Massage is an ancient healing art still widely in use around the world because it truly works. Our Staten Island chiropractor offers massage therapy along with other forms of spinal care and physical therapy because it helps our patients on so many levels. In fact, we recommend it for almost all of our patients. From stress reduction (which can help with almost every health problem) to alleviating musculoskeletal tensions, massage helps people heal from the inside out. There are many types of therapeutic massage, and we tailor sessions

Massage Therapy in Staten Island Complements Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy

Our Staten Island massage therapy is an integral part of our chiropractic care offerings. Massage involves kneading, rolling, rubbing, tapping, and squeezing the muscles, tendons and ligaments by a professional massage therapist for specific health purposes. Because therapeutic massage helps to release musculoskeletal tensions and loosen tight muscles, this frequently helps our patients both before and after spinal adjustments. Because the condition of the muscles supporting the spine has a huge impact on the alignment of the spine, we often employ massage to assist with spinal realignment. Various forms of massage are helpful for people suffering with chronic neck and back pain, those recovering from a sports injury, a workers compensation injury, a car accident injury, or any other type of painful injury.

In addition to relaxing tense muscles, massage has many other scientifically-verified medical benefits that make it a valuable asset during physical therapy. It relieves tight painful adhesions and scar tissues that inhibit normal use of the muscles. It warms and loosens the entire system, helping to increase range of motion and flexibility. Internally, massage also increases circulation throughout the body, particularly in those areas that need healing. Fresh, oxygenated blood brings nutrients to injured, stressed muscles to help them heal faster. In fact, recent studies have also indicated that massage literally inhibits the cellular inflammatory response in overworked muscles, which enables them to recover much faster. Our patients also love it because it stimulates endorphin production, which naturally relieves pain. It also tones your skin, which is the largest organ in your body!

Staten Island chiropractor recommends massage therapy for healing

Massage’s well-documented stress-reducing impacts also deserve a mention. Did you know that nearly 90 percent of all doctor visits in the United States are caused or exacerbated by stress? Studies clearly indicate that stress is a major risk factor for headaches and migraines, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, weight gain, depression, and high blood pressure, which can lead to other problems. Massage is a great stress reliever and has also proven helpful in toning the immune system, which helps your body fend off contagious illnesses. The stress reduction also helps improve your sleep, which gives your body the rest it needs for overall good health.

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