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At The Healthy Body we provide holistic care for our Staten Island patients. That means we look at all areas of the body and a patient’s wellness to help them live healthier, more enjoyable, pain-free lives. Although our primary focus is on managing pain and treating injuries, we also believe strongly in helping our patients maintain health. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is achieving a healthy body weight through our Staten Island weight loss programs.

Patients who have an auto accident injury or sports injury may find that they can improve the healing process if they lose weight. For these patients we often recommend a natural diet and weight loss program that will help restore their functioning and vitality.

Many patients report that they feel less pain once they lose weight through one of our nutritional plans. They are no longer carrying around extra weight which was causing stress on their bodies, leading to weak joints and lower back pain. Some of these patients were living in a downward spiral because their weight caused fatigue and difficulty breathing, and sapped their bodies of the energy-revitalizing flow of oxygen, so they didn't feel like exercising. Now that they are losing weight they find they are able to begin exercising again, which is reducing their leg and back pain. Where their bodies were once working against them and draining their spirits and energy, they were happy to find that our natural health care can aid in weight loss, reverse the downward slide, and help build and restore inner energy.

Staten Island Diet and Nutritional Counseling

If you come to visit our chiropractor because you need help with weight loss, we don’t simply provide a one-size-fits-all diet plan. Our chiropractor will perform a thorough examination and discuss any lifestyle habits that may be leading to your weight problem. Then we’ll provide specific recommendations and nutritional counseling to help find a diet plan that best suits your exact needs.

We will help make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs from food or nutritional supplements to help return it to optimal health. Our program allows you to eat healthy foods in proper proportions so your body won’t feel deprived. We may recommend acupuncture as a form of stress management if your eating is being negatively affected by stress. Your program may even include physical therapy, chiropractic care, and massage therapy to help retrain your body and muscles to begin moving again. The end goal is to help you attain a healthy lifestyle that will enable you to better manage your own nutrition and exercise needs.

If you’re ready to lose that weight and start feeling better every day come see the natural care team at The Healthy Body, “where pain ends and health begins.”

Call us at 718-698-5600 to learn more about our Staten Island diet programs. 

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